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Connected Experiences open the door to 2-way communication from brands to end customer

“Combining online with offline personas, our web apps connect with consumers, using the newest innovative technologies (for example IoT objects using NFC and QR codes, plus Digimark) and drive users to a particular action through immersive experiences.”

Appetite Creative, looks to help a variety of brands engage directly with customers without the need for initial digital development costs. The connected experience can be adapted to the specific needs of each brand and product, to create a bespoke digital marketing solution for each type of audience.

These developments merely scratch the tech-enabled surface as connected packaging’s potential for brands across various markets, from fun activities to sustainability, supply chain transparency, pharmaceutical information and anti-counterfeiting, is huge.

Gabriella Beyer-King, Client Services Director at Appetite Creative

Appetite Creative started in 2015 by founder and CEO Jenny Stanley, who has over 20 years industry experience and who built a creative tech studio of world firsts. ‘Appetite’ produce unique QR codes on connected packaging and innovative lead capture ads that are connected to clients CRM systems.

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