Lush jumps into action with new Super Mario bath collection

This set features a Question Block bath bomb with a hidden collectible power-up soap inside, designed with signature imagery from the franchise.

Lush has recently introduced a new range of bath products that draws inspiration from the well-known Super Mario Bros. video game series by Nintendo. This product launch comes ahead of the upcoming Mario Bros. movie, produced by Illumination Entertainment (the same studio that brought us Despicable Me), which is scheduled to hit the theaters on April 5th.

The new bath collection from Lush incorporates several items that pay homage to the Super Mario Bros. franchise. One of the highlights is the Princess Peach body spray, which is crafted with a unique blend of peaches and pineapple.

For those who prefer shower gels, the collection features Mario and Luigi themed gels in striking red and green shades, reflecting the brothers’ iconic outfits.

The collection also includes an innovative product called the Question Block bath bomb. It is designed to contain a secret power-up soap that can only be discovered by placing the bath bomb into water.

Finally, the collection is complete with a Gold Coin soap bar. It features Lush’s signature Honey I Washed the Kids fragrance and is shaped like a gold coin, providing a fun nod to the Super Mario Bros. games.

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