Heinz Cracks Down on Ketchup Counterfeiters with Innovative Labelling Strategy

Detecting Counterfeit Ketchup: Heinz’s Innovative Labels Boost Usage Among Street Food Vendors in Turkey by 24%

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Heinz Ketchup has taken a proactive stance against ketchup counterfeiters in Turkey by introducing colour swatch labels on its condiment bottles, displaying the exact Pantone red shade of Heinz Tomato Ketchup. These labels serve as a visual authenticity indicator, while an accompanying Instagram filter allows users to match the label with the sauce inside the bottle.

The “Is That Heinz?” campaign gained momentum on social media, highlighting instances of counterfeit Heinz Ketchup being served in Turkish restaurants, prompting questions about authenticity. Additionally, bottles with the new labels were distributed to restaurants across the country.

The results of the campaign were remarkable, with 97% of consumers successfully distinguishing genuine Heinz ketchup from imitations. This led to a 73% reduction in non-Heinz ketchup refills and a notable 24% increase in the usage of Heinz ketchup in street food establishments.

What sets Heinz’s approach apart is its focus on empowering consumers. By encouraging customers to identify counterfeit ketchup and call out offending restaurants, Heinz effectively created demand for authentic Heinz products among restaurateurs. This approach elevates Heinz from being a simple commodity to a valued brand in the eyes of both consumers and businesses.

The campaign aligns with Heinz’s broader strategy of remaining relevant in the modern market. Instead of relying solely on nostalgia, the brand engages consumers through fun and interactive campaigns like “Is That Heinz?” This approach reinforces Heinz’s iconic status and ensures its continued appeal to contemporary consumers.

In summary, Heinz Ketchup’s introduction of colour swatch labels and the “Is That Heinz?” campaign in Turkey has successfully deterred ketchup counterfeiters. By empowering consumers to identify authentic Heinz products, the brand has increased its value and demand in the market while staying relevant and engaging with its audience.

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