Sailing the Seas of Flavour: Douglas Laing & Co Launches Island Malt – Rock Island Rum Cask Edition

A Fusion of Scotch Craftsmanship and Caribbean Elegance in Every Sip, as Plantation Rum Casks Transform the Island Malt Experience

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Independent Scotch Whisky artisans Douglas Laing & Co have raised the bar with the introduction of a new edition to their Island Malt series: the Rock Island Rum Cask Edition.

This exclusive release has undergone a distinctive finishing process, maturing solely in Plantation Rum Casks sourced from the sun-soaked Caribbean islands of Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad.

Emma Reid, the brand manager for Rock Island, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are so excited to have teamed up with Plantation Rum, in whose casks our Island Malt has been finished.”

This innovative blend promises to deliver a sensory voyage, combining the rich heritage of Scotch Whisky with the exotic influence of Caribbean rum casks. The Rock Island Rum Cask Edition is poised to captivate whisky enthusiasts with a harmonious fusion of island flavours and Scotch craftsmanship.

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